Pacific Backlot offers an extensive range of top-notch production services and equipment rentals to film, television, commercial and theatrical productions in BC. Large or small, every production is important to us and our crew takes great pride in providing the best service and equipment possible. Accordingly, we recognize that the creative objectives of our customers are tied to demanding and sometimes urgent deadlines. As Vice President of Production Services, you have my personal assurance that every member of my crew understands this and is here to help you meet those deadlines. Working together, I know we can all play our respective parts in providing the behind-the-scenes essentials that support the industry.

Gerry Rutherford
Vice President, Production Services


For Aerial Shoots – Exclusive to Pacific Backlot Services and Blackcomb Aviation

The SX-16 Nightsun Searchlight

Pacific Backlot takes the lead in searchlight equipment for use in aerial shoots with the purchase of the SX-16 Nightsun Searchlight. The benchmark in high intensity airborne light sources, the Nightsun is used in Film Shoots, Law Enforcement, Search & Rescue, Emergency Medical, Military, Border Patrol, Fire Fighting and News Gathering. Certified for use on Blackcomb’s ASTAR helicopters (TWINSTAR certification in 2010), the complete system includes the searchlight, gimbal, junction box, control box, and installation cable kit. For further information, contact Steve Wright, Aerial Film Coordinator at swright@blackcombaviation.com.

Tyler Special Operations Platform (TSOP)

Used by government agencies, law enforcement & the military, TSOP assists SWAT teams and rescue crews with rooftop evacuations, search and rescue, dive team deployment and more. On film shoots, this platform can also be used to attach simulated guns, rockets, and missiles. Certified for use on Blackcomb Aviation’s ASTAR and TWINSTAR helicopters, each platform is designed with folding footrest & attachment points for securing personnel wearing safety gear. For further information, contact Steve Wright, Aerial Film Coordinator at swright@blackcombaviation.com.

Pacific Backlot ‘green lights’ sustainable lighting equipment.

Pacific Backlot recently added the latest in green technology to its lighting inventory.  Meet the Mac 12 Dino, a light requiring 45% less power than the PAR64.  The Mac 12 Dino is constructed from aircraft quality aluminum.  Designed to replace the PAR64, it weighs 50% less and uses a 575W HPL bulb which produces considerably less heat.   

More information:  http://bmlighting.com/

BarFly 400’s and 200’s now available at Pacific Backlot  

Slim, bright and available, these new BarFlys (manufactured by Kino), are a new offering at Pacific Backlot.  The BarFly 400 boasts the same 2” depth as the BarFly 200 but doubles the light output. Using specialty bulbs (Kino Flo True Match ® 55 Watt QFL daylight and Tungsten lamps), the BarFly 400 is brighter than a 1000 Watt tungsten soft light but only draws 4 amps of power.  The 200 draws 2 amps of power.  

More information: http://www.kinoflo.com/